Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Y'all and welcome to my brand new blog!

My name is Belle and I'm on a budget!

Like so many of us single ladies out there, I have a pretty good job where I make decent money, I pay my own bills and I live with roommates in a big city where I work.

I don't have a trust fund or a big savings account, far from it. I live like most of us live, pay check to pay check putting a little bit back every month.

Like all of us, I wish I worked less and got paid a lot more, but since that's not gonna happen any time soon I'm gonna have to find a way to stretch my paycheck as far as it will go every month.

I plan to be very open with the blog, revealing exactly how much money I make each month and where it goes. Each pay period I will explain what the money should go to and then what the money went to. We're not perfect but this is my way of keeping my spending in check.

I will be doing posts about what companies I use to stretch my dollar as well as guest posts from friends who know how to keep their budget under control.


  1. What a great Plan! Sounds awesome

  2. I'm excited to read -- I'm in a very similar situation and am trying to save some money.