Saturday, January 22, 2011

10 Money Saving Tips

Over the years I have become more and more thrifty with my money. Now that I have a job, it is so very tempting to just blow every pay check on stuff and not save anything, which is what I have been doing for the last 2 months - not good!

But since I now have money to spend, I have found a number of ways to make it go further. Here are my tips for getting the most bang for your buck.

1. Return Return Return!
When I buy clothes or anything for that matter, I leave the tags on till I wear the item or use it. That way, when I find it 3 weeks after buying it, I realize I didnt really need it and I can return it, its a bit like getting free money back.

2. Shop Online with EBATES!
Click here to join:
When you shop online you earn between 1% & 35% back on what you buy. I recommend going to the store, finding what you like then buying it online and getting a % back. 

3. Sign up for Groupon! 
It covers many many cities now and it is so much fun to see the different deals each day. If your planning a trip somewhere, start getting the groupon a few months ahead of time and check out the great deals in town. 

4. ScoutMob
Do you have an iPhone or an Androide? Run, dont walk to the app store (you can acutely just stand there and download this app) but do it ASAP! You get a new deal each day for Atlanta, NYC and San Francisco. They are working on adding new cities. You dont pay up front, you just show the coupon on your phone when you get to the restaurant, gallery, salon, whatever. 

5. Goodwill, not just for donations
Have a friend getting married or having a baby soon? Stop by your local good will and pick up a used book, trinket, photo album, baby clothes to use to make a very cute mixed gift. Make sure to wash whatever you buy, but with a quick wipe down things are as good as new, they get a fabulous gift and you dont break the bank. 

6. Customer Service
Is your cable bill or cell bill getting out of hand? remember that night last week when the cable was out, or that dropped call? Call customer service and complain! Tell them your switching carriers to a cheaper version of what your getting now. This wont work every month, but they will knock $50 off your bill or send you out a free DVR. 

Want that new novel, CD or video game? Dont buy it at target or walmart, wait, go home, access through EBATES, 4% back, and find it up to 75% off on there. It might take a few days for it to arrive, but you will save a lot of money! 

8. Gift Closet
This idea is new to me, but its such a great one. Local boutique going out of business? Big stationary sale? Stock up for gifts. Never again will you pay full price for a hostess gift or spend a way to much on a last minute birthday present. Just reach into the gift closet, wrap it and go! 

9. Entertaiment Coupon Book
Go to EBATES and order a 2011 coupon book for your city, get 35% cash back and get a big book of coupons for your city, for restaurants, shopping, movies, bowling and more. Not only will you save money, its a great way to find things to do in your city!

10. Cash!
Cash is much much much harder to spend then swiping that credit card. Take cash to the bar, to dinner, anytime you need to limit what you are able to spend. Keep your credit card in your purse, but not in your wallet in case of emergencies, but only use it in a true emergency. 

Those are my 10 tips to save money!

Monday, January 10, 2011


Hello Y'all and welcome to my brand new blog!

My name is Belle and I'm on a budget!

Like so many of us single ladies out there, I have a pretty good job where I make decent money, I pay my own bills and I live with roommates in a big city where I work.

I don't have a trust fund or a big savings account, far from it. I live like most of us live, pay check to pay check putting a little bit back every month.

Like all of us, I wish I worked less and got paid a lot more, but since that's not gonna happen any time soon I'm gonna have to find a way to stretch my paycheck as far as it will go every month.

I plan to be very open with the blog, revealing exactly how much money I make each month and where it goes. Each pay period I will explain what the money should go to and then what the money went to. We're not perfect but this is my way of keeping my spending in check.

I will be doing posts about what companies I use to stretch my dollar as well as guest posts from friends who know how to keep their budget under control.